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2048 @ 4b5f17e rebase 2048.
_data Voting experience for a Swiss expat.
_layouts Fix dates
_posts Voting experience for a Swiss expat.
adaptive_machines import some old stuff
bgp update google script
binary_adder Fixing some css stuff
bvw Fixing some css stuff
fat12_bootloader Fat12js: a FAT12 file system driver in javascript.
fat12js update google script
files Fix piet
gif_encoder_from_scratch Gif encoder from scratch
hacking_pedram Minor edits.
keepass (old) Managing passwords with Keepass.
know_your_bits Fix bug in validator.
mars_rover remove useless files.
old_projects importing some old stuff.
pastebin (old) Pastebin: easy way to share text.
perpetual_calendar quick and ugly hack to support mouse-based rotations.
prettify redesigned things...
raytracer Link to old article about ray tracing.
react_tictactoe Simplify code a little. Remove some whacky stuff.
savatan fix more pages
slax (old) Slax 6.0 released
steering update google script
sum_of_first_n added repertoire method
synergy (old) Synergy: a software keyboard & mouse switch.
tab_nabbing Fix link
taint_support_for_php Taint support for PHP.
tiger_team (old) TigerTeam TV Show
triple Fix bug pointed out by camitz in one of the transformations.
tron Adding some fan art.
vga_controller Minor edit.
web_history update google script
wtf Fix python WTF
.gitignore gitignore
.gitmodules Different submodule uri
404.html 404 page
CNAME Adding CNAME file
Gemfile Jekyllize things.
Gemfile.lock Jekyllize things.
alok.css More css fixes.
alok.jpg Jekyllize things.
alok_small.jpg fix join_square/index.html
ascii-flash.html the html file
ascii-flash.swf more ascii, less weird bytes...
bootstrap-2.3.1.min.css More improvements
bootstrap-responsive.min.css Playing with responsive design.
bootstrap.min.css Playing with responsive design.
bootstrap.min.js Playing with responsive design.
contact_me.html fix to prevent overflow case
covert_communications_subverting_windows_applications.pdf Importing some old stuff...
favicon.ico minor formatting.
fbcube.html Adding GA.
getting_your_first_commit_in_an_open_source_project.html link back
glMatrix-0.9.5.min.js FbCube hackathon project
glyphicons-halflings.png More improvements
googlee4b78291cdd3f153.html noob
index.html Fix dates
jquery-1.7.1.min.js redesigned things...
jquery-ui-1.7.1.css Dodecahedron Folding
jquery-ui-1.7.1.min.js Dodecahedron Folding
keybase.txt stuff
message_board_over_pgp_key_servers.html Fix issue with mixed content.
pi.html improve circle...
quaxio.scss fix invert three signals
webgl-utils.js FbCube hackathon project
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