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title: "Teaching assistant experience"
permalink: '/teaching_assistent_experience/'
tags: ['random thoughts']
<p>This semester, I'm TA-ing 2nd year computer science students. My main responsability
is to help the students with their assignments.</p>
<p>I think TA-ing is a great experience and I'm getting a lot out of it.</p>
<p>One thing I struggle with is that I find coding has become an intuitive process for me and
it's not always easy to explain my thought process using words.</p>
<p>I try to give examples and repeat what the professor thaught using my own words, but I
sometimes get back blank stares in response. Sometimes, I end up giving a simplified
theory to hid some of the complexity. I hope the students don't feel that I'm lying to them?</p>
<p>I found grading to be frustrating. It's hard to strike the balance between being
an easy and harsh grader.</p>