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layout: post
title: "Transparent PLD use from Java"
permalink: '/transparent_pld/'
tags: ['PLD', 'Java', 'hardware synthesis']
<p>Project to dynamically convert Java code to hardware (PLD).</p>
<li>Christophe D. &amp; Alok M. <a href="/files/2004/transparent_pld/summary.pdf">project summary (pdf)</a></li>
<li>Alok M.<a href="/files/2004/transparent_pld/transparent_pld_final.pdf">final report (pdf)</a></li>
<li>Christophe D. &amp; Alok M. <a href="/files/2004/transparent_pld/dev_env.pdf">RokEPXA development environment from scratch (pdf) </a></li>