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title: "Maze mapper"
permalink: '/maze_mapper/'
tags: ['robotics', 'RokEPXA', 'Cyclope', 'maze']
<p>As part of the real time embedded systems course, we designed a robot that
explores a maze. This was a two student group project; I worked with Joel Dumas.</p>
<p>We used Cyclope, a RokEPXA based robot developed at the LAP. This robot has
two wheels (each controlled independantly, allowing us to rotate the robot by
spinning the motors in opposite directions). We used infrared sensors to detect
<p>We control the robot's fundamental functions (like sending signals to the
motors, or reading the sensors) by programming a FPGA (in VHDL). We wrote the
higher level behavior (AI to handle maze navigation) in C language.</p>
<p>At the end of the course we had a little competitions with our fellow
students to see who had designed the best robot. We did very well in the first
round, but faced some problems in the second round.</p>
<p><a href="/files/2004/maze_mapper/robot_report.pdf">Report (pdf)</a>.</p>
<img src="/files/2004/maze_mapper/robot_lab.jpg">
<img src="/files/2004/maze_mapper/robot.jpg">