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title: 'Patent granted'
permalink: '/method_system_and_product_for_identifying_provisioning_operations_via_planning_methods/'
tags: ['ibm', 'provisioning', 'patent']
<p>During my internship at IBM Research, my team filled a patent, which was
granted today.</p>
<p>The patent's title is "Method, system, and product for identifying
provisioning operations via planning methods". My work involved writing and
optimizing a prototype.</p>
<p>View patent: <a href="">US20060265583</a></p>
<p>Abstract: A method, system, and computer program product are disclosed for automatically determining a valid ordering of provisioning operations, and their needed parameters, so that a provisioning system can configure a desired resource state. This is accomplished by formally describing the pre-conditions and effects of provisioning operations, the current state of managed resources and the desired final state. A planning algorithm is then used to determine the provisioning operations, a valid ordering and appropriate parameters to bring the system from the current state to the desired state.</p>
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