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title: 'The hardware CTF'
permalink: '/thehardwarectf/'
tags: ['hardware', 'ctf']
<div class="lead">
A puzzle I designed for Square's 2016 CTF. I was inspired by
<a href="">DefCon's
badge</a> puzzles (significantly easier to solve however).
Want to try it out? Reach out to me and I might be able to mail out a spare.
<h3>Some info</h3>
<li>Feel free to abuse the hardware; it's yours.</li>
<li>The board is easy to power from a wide range of sources. Don't go over ~35V. Some
components might heat up a little.</li>
<li>Solving the puzzle may require using sharp or hot tools (knives, soldering iron, etc.). Handle
your tools carefully.</li>
<h3>Hazardous substances</h3>
<li>The board is lead-free. It was printed thru <a href="">Oshpark</a>.</li>
<li>The components were choosen to be RoHS compliant, lead free. They were
purchased on <a href="">Digikey</a></li>
<li>I used a variety of different solder. Unfortunately, most solder contains
lead. Keep out of the reach of children.</li>
<p>Andy, Todor, John and Matt helped me go from prototype to a finished board;
answering my various questions along the way. Cedric and Chris helped solder some of these.</p>
<div><small>Prototype</small><img src="/files/2016/the_hardware_ctf/prototype.jpg"></div>
<div><small>Bare board (v1)</small><img src="/files/2016/the_hardware_ctf/board_only.jpg"></div>
<div><small>Final board (v2)</small><img src="/files/2016/the_hardware_ctf/board_final.jpg"></div>
<div><small>We made 12 of these!</small><img src="/files/2016/the_hardware_ctf/many_boards.jpg"></div>