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Merge pull request #3 from miketaylr/quirksmode

Adding note about ids as globals only working in Quirks Mode for firefox
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2 parents be361f0 + ad96607 commit 93330eb8cec76b081ff6639456dc26445462f84f Alok Menghrajani committed Mar 28, 2012
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3 tron/index.html
@@ -101,8 +101,9 @@
<p>By assigning an <code>id</code> to the body, we are going to be able to write
<code>b.innerHTML="game over"</code>, instead
- of having to write <code>document.body.innerHTML="game over"</code>. Saves us 7 bytes.</p>
+ of having to write <code>document.body.innerHTML="game over"</code>*. Saves us 7 bytes.</p>
<p>We can also drop the quotes around the attribute, since browsers are able to fix that for us.</p>
+ <p>* In Firefox, this only works in Quirks Mode (which is enabled since there isn't a doctype in the demo).</p>
<div class="slide" id="slide3">

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