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Prototype Forum Tool

The prototype forum tool is a tool used at Facebook to run the post-hackathon presentations. It's an opportunity for engineers to demo their work in front of the entire company.

This tool has been useful in many ways:

  • keeping track of people's ideas in a structured way (i.e. it's a CMS)
  • a simple way to run the presentations across our multiple different office locations

This tool was started as an open source project. It's written in Opa ( I decided to keep the source open for the following reasons:

  • things were self-contained with little dependencies on existing infrastructure,
  • the Opa framework is still young and I needed a way to debug things with the Opa team.
  • I knew this was going to be a significant chunk of Opa code and it might be helpful for the Opa community to have access to the code.
  • It might be useful to other people who are organizing hackathons.


The code we use internally is slightly different from the code in this repo. I did not handle the fork in a very clean way, and it's most likely some things broke.


The Prototype Forum Tool is distribtued under the AGPL license.

Happy coding! Alok