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Known issues
* file upload doesn't work for files >10 MB
* there once was a popup issue with Chrome and links. Unsure if fixed.
* safari once crashed. Unsure if we can repro?
* Jordan reported some issues with Chrome.
* When you create a hackathon, no projects are selected. The code should automatically return the first
project. It current leads to an empty presentation view. Similar things happen if the currently selected
presentation gets deleted.
* Implement proper privacy checks. Right now, anyone can edit anyone's data.
Feature requests
* Make sure stats page is reactive. I think I did this, but can't remember.
* Make the tool faster by:
- optimizing the client->server form submit code (reducing the number of round trips)
- non ping-loop controlled form submit
- http://localhost:8080/?__do_login=536181839 is super slow (takes upto 6 seconds!)
need to figure out why and fix things.
- it's possible to optimize the mongo queries. It breaks the "one language to rule them all" aspect
of the code, but might be a perf win.
* secure/improve authentication system
* switch back to OpaSerialize.unserialize_unsafe(r, @typeval(list(int)))
* remember user's previous location
* send a confirmation email
* vote up/down a project
* display next up on a 2nd screen?
* make it rock on mobile!
* Create a config.opa.default file
More stuff
* go through TODOs in the code