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* A little widget to pick a date & time
module WDateTimePicker {
public function xhtml html(string dom_id, initial) {
time_printer = Date.generate_printer("%H:%M")
{WDatepicker.edit_default(function(_){void}, "date_{dom_id}", initial)}
<input type="text" id="time_{dom_id}" class="input" placeholder="hh:mm"
value={Date.to_formatted_string(time_printer, initial)}>
public function option( get(string dom_id) {
match (WDatepicker.parse_default("date_{dom_id}")) {
case {none}:
// we failed to get a valid date
case {some: date}:
// try to parse the time
p = Date.generate_scanner("%H:%M")
match (Date.of_formatted_string(p, Dom.get_value(Dom.select_id("time_{dom_id}")))) {
case {none}:
// we failed to get a valid time
case {some: time}:
// Add the date and time
{some: Date.advance(date, Duration.of_date(time))}
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