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#lang scheme
(require scheme/date)
(provide (all-defined-out))
(require scheme/date)
(define (rep-newline str)
;(regexp-replace* #rx"\r\n" str " <br /> "))
(define *messages* (list))
(define (get-msgs) *messages*)
(define-struct msg (datetime text tags)
(define (pp-datetime dt)
(string-join (list (date->string dt)
(number->string (date-hour dt)) ":"
(number->string (date-minute dt)) ":"
(number->string (date-second dt))) ) " "))
(define (extract-tags txt)
(let ((tokens (regexp-split #rx"[ \n]" txt)))
(filter (lambda (t)
(and (> (string-length t) 0)
(equal? (string-ref t 0) #\@)))
(define outputfile "outputfile")
;; read and write from a file
(define (write-messages)
(with-output-to-file outputfile
(lambda () (write *messages*))
#:exists 'replace))
(define (make-msg-text txt)
(make-msg (current-seconds) txt (extract-tags txt)))
(define (add-msg msg)
(set! *messages* (cons msg *messages*))
(define (match-url str)
(regexp-match #px"\\b
(?i: [a-z0-9] (?:[-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])? \\. )+
(?-i: com\\b
| edu\\b
| biz\\b
| gov\\b
| in(?:t|fo)\\b
| mil\\b
| net\\b
| org\\b
| [a-z][a-z]\\.[a-z][a-z]\\b # two-letter country code
( : \\d+ )?
[.!,?]+ [^.!,?;\"\\'<>()\\[\\]\{\\}\s\\x7F-\\xFF]+
)?" str))
;; (regexp-match #px"(https?://)?[\\w]*.?[\\w]+.(com|net|org|edu)" str))
(define (get-all-tags msgs)
(flatten (map (lambda (m) (msg-tags m)) msgs))))
(define (read-messages)
(define (log-missing-exn-handler exn)
(add-msg (make-msg-text "Welcome to timeTrack"))
(add-msg (make-msg-text "just post a url like and it will show up in bookmarks"))
(add-msg (make-msg-text "@todo you can add a new tag"))
(add-msg (make-msg-text "the tags will show up dynamically as you add them, for eg., @home working on @timetrack will create two tags"))
(add-msg (make-msg-text "you can also create schedules like @sch 5 pm pick up the kids")))
(with-handlers ((exn? log-missing-exn-handler))
(set! *messages* (with-input-from-file outputfile read))))
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