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👬 A curated list of awesome developer tools for writing cross-platform Node.js code
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A curated list of awesome developer tools for writing cross-platform Node.js code.




Development environment

  • Node.js - Node.js installer for various platforms.
  • nvm-windows - Manage multiple installations of Node.js on a Windows computer.
  • nvm - Node version manager for macOS/Linux.
  • n - Node version manager for macOS/Linux.
  • npm-windows-upgrade - Upgrade npm on Windows.
  • windows-build-tools - Install C++ Build Tools for Windows using npm.

Continuous integration

  • AppVeyor - Focused on Windows. Free tiers are available for OSS projects.
  • Travis - Windows/macOS/Linux. Free for OSS projects.


  • ievms - Automated installer for the free virtual machine images that Microsoft provides for testing on multiple versions of IE. These images can be useful for cross-platform testing various technologies, however make sure you read and understand Microsofts' licensing.
  • VirtualBox - General purpose software for running x86 virtual machines.


  • Wine - Run Windows API calls on Linux, Mac, BSD and Solaris.
  • Cygwin - Run POSIX on Windows.
  • WSL - Run the Linux command line on Windows (ELF binary execution, system calls, filesystem, Bash, core utilities, common applications).
  • MinGW - gcc on Windows.
  • msys / Git Bash - Bash on Windows.


  • Redis - A native port of Redis for Windows.


OS identification

  • is-windows - Detect whether the current platform is Windows.
  • is-wsl - Detect whether current platform is WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).
  • getos - Retrieve the current OS, including Linux distribution.
  • os-name - Get the name of the current operating system.
  • systeminformation - Hardware/software system information.


  • execa - Cross-platform implementation of child_process.{execFile,exec}.
  • cross-spawn - Cross-platform implementation of child_process.spawn().
  • shelljs - Cross-platform Unix shell commands.
  • node-windows - Windows support for Node.js scripts (daemons, eventlog, UAC, etc).
  • log-symbols - Colored symbols for various log levels with Windows fallbacks.
  • figures - Unicode symbols with Windows fallbacks.
  • clipboardy / clipboard-cli - Cross-platform copy/paste.


  • cross-env - Set environment variables cross-platform.
  • user-home - Get the path to the user home directory. Cross-platform.
  • username - Get the current username.
  • osenv - Cross-platform environment variables.
  • is-elevated - Check if the process is running with elevated privileges.
  • which - Cross-platform implementation of Unix's which.


  • rimraf / del - Delete files and folders. Cross-platform.
  • make-dir - Cross-platform mkdir -p.
  • readdirp - Recursive version of fs.readdir().
  • cpy - Copy files. Cross-platform.
  • chokidar - Improved cross-platform file watching.
  • graceful-fs - Improves the fs module, especially on Windows.
  • any-path - Use Windows and POSIX paths interchangeably when fetching values from an object.


  • fkill - Kill processes. Cross-platform.
  • signal-exit - Cross-platform exit handler.


Desktop UI

  • open - Opens stuff like websites, files, executables. Cross-platform.
  • node-notifier - Cross-platform desktop notifications.

Windows registry

Known issues

  • cmd.exe unicode woes - by default, cmd.exe does not display Unicode characters on Windows.
  • spawn issues - child_process.spawn() behavior is not consistent between Windows and Linux.
  • exec() behavior between shells - depending on the shell being used, e.g., bash vs. dash, child_process.exec() has inconsistent exit behavior.


If you found an error or would like to add more information, don't hesitate to submit an issue on GitHub.

Everyone is welcome regardless of personal background. We enforce a Code of conduct in order to promote a positive and inclusive environment.


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Thanks goes to these wonderful people:

Benjamin E. Coe
Benjamin E. Coe

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Sindre Sorhus

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Kent C. Dodds

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Jason Cooke


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