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Requires a supported release of Go. built using go 1.12.7

go get -u


Edit led-simple-monitoring.go pinsIndex to match your setup sites to define which sites to monitor, and period to set the interval in which to check the sites

Once those are defined, run

sudo go run led-simple-monitoring.go > /var/log/led.log 2>&1 & 

logs will be written to /var/log/led.log and run in the background.

Running as system service

All commands below run as user pi build executable and add to system bin

$> sudo go build led-simple-monitorig.go
$> sudo cp ./led-simple-monitoring /usr/bin

copy ledmonitoring.service to /etc/systemd/system

$> sudo cp ledmonitorin.service /etc/systemd/system
$> sudo systemctl enable ledmonitoring.service
$> sudo systemctl start ledmonitoring.service

after this, led-monitoring should run automatically even after restart

stopping services

if need to stop service run sudo systemctl status

if run as background process, run ps aux | grep -i led to find PID to kill via sudo kill -0 PID

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