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Raspberry Weather code for DS18B20
Python Shell
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This python script uses two sensors and a Raspberry Pi to read temperature, humidity, as well as readings from, and stores readings in Elasticsearch. For full write-up, visit

Important env variables to set up

  • ES_URL: location of elasticsearch. I.e:[:portNum for ES, 9200]
  • ES_INDEX: name of ES index. i.e: rpi_temps
  • OW_API_KEY: api key for


  • Include outside weather temp and; add test.
  • Fix dht22 sensor crash issue wiring error fixes
  • Find better solution for cronjob env variables fixed by writing vars in /etc/environment
  • Mock test api call to ES
  • Set up docker
  • Set up CI/CD
  • Set up automatic deployment to pi / git webhooks
  • Write better documentation/ include sources I used
  • Rewrite to golang
  • Find weatherproof/outdoor assembly for the pi to sit outside
  • Add a try/catch to check if OW_API_KEY is empty to skip this step if the value is empty
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