Native Windows client for Docker Desktop
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It's blazing fast

I wanted a fast, native Windows applicaton to explore lock Docker content during my development sessions. Docker console is great, but sometimes it's taking too much time to find what I need, therefore this tool.

Why not Electron?

Because Electron runs 5 web servers to show a simple UI window and dramatically slows down an average PC. In my personal opinion, Electron is a productivity killer (what's the point of waiting for UI if I can do it in the terminal so much faster). Native UI in this tool is blazing fast.


Completely working and useful version. You can install the latest version by pressing the button below:


Browse images in tree view, see basic container information and history

Images History

Browse contianers, and explore logs, labels, mounts, ports and networks

Containers Logs

Containers Labels

Containers Mounts

Containers Ports

Containers Networks

The updates are installed automatically via Squirrel.Windows.