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Code Archaeology - A more then 30 years old Apple II Snake game written in 6502 Assembly
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Code Archaeology - A more then 30 years old Apple II Snake game written in 6502 Assembly

When we opened the northern branch of CodeValue in Yokneam, Israel about two years ago, we've decided to make a computer museum in our main meeting room. I took all my old 8-bit computers, peripherals, programming books and other old devices that I collected since I was a little boy and use them to decorate the room. We have Commodore 128, Sinclair QL, Atari 2600, Amiga 3000, Olivetti PC1, Casio PB 1000, Windows XP Tablet, Windows 95 laptop and other machines as well as interesting artifacts such as punched cards, Magnetic-core memory. I also took all my old computer magazines and books, so anyone that is waiting to a meeting to start can read about the first personal computers or learn 6502, x86, or Z80 assembler. Among the computer magazines, I found an old folder from 1987. In 1987 I was an AFS students, I took part in a youth exchange program where I became an American teenager for six month. The folder that I found among my books and magazines contains all my homework's, many pages of long assembly code printed on a dot matrix printer. I thought – can I bring this game to life; can I use an Apple IIe emulator to run a code that I wrote more then 30 years ago when I was 17. I decided to give it a try. This is the result of my effort. You can download the disk ( and try the game on AppleWin ( or another emulator such as a2ix ( or AppleIIjs (

You can also play with the code using the S-C Macro assembly (

To run the game, enter the (virtual) disk, boot and type: BRUN GAME

The full blog post:

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