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#!/usr/bin/env python
__author__ = "Alonso Vidales"
__email__ = ""
__date__ = "2013-01-14"
from bipartite_match import bipartiteMatch
class CatVsDog:
__debug = False
__votes_list = None
def resolve(self):
# This graph will contain all the conflictive relations between voters
bipartite_by_cat = {}
cat_lovers = []
# Dog lovers groupped by the dog who they loves
by_dog_love = {}
# Dog lovers groupped by the cat who they hate
by_dog_hate = {}
# This counter will be used to avoid problems with duplicate votes on the
# sets and the key of the dict who conforms the graph
count = 0
for vote in self.__votes_list:
vote = "%s %d" % (vote, count)
count += 1
if vote[0] == 'D':
vote_parts = vote.split()
if vote_parts[0] in by_dog_love:
by_dog_love[vote_parts[0]] = set([vote])
if vote_parts[1] in by_dog_hate:
by_dog_hate[vote_parts[1]] = set([vote])
# Create the bipartite graph using a dictionary, the key will be the vote of the cat lover, and the
# values a set with all the votes who have problems with the vote of the cat lover at the key
for cat_vote in cat_lovers:
cat_vote_parts = cat_vote.split()
bipartite_by_cat[cat_vote] = by_dog_love.get(cat_vote_parts[1], set()) | by_dog_hate.get(cat_vote_parts[0], set())
# Use the Hopcroft-Karp algorith in order to determinate the max cardinality, then we will know the
# min number of conflictive votters that we have
max_matching, pred, unlayered = bipartiteMatch(bipartite_by_cat)
if self.__debug:
print "Votes: %s" % (bipartite_by_cat)
print "Max matching %s" % (max_matching)
print "Dog love: %s" % (by_dog_love)
print "Dog hate: %s" % (by_dog_hate)
# The max number of happy voters are the number of total voters minus the number of conflictive pairs (we can remove
# one of the members of each pair)
return len(self.__votes_list) - len(max_matching)
def __init__(self, votes):
self.__votes_list = votes
if __name__ == "__main__":
# I'll use raw_input to get the lines because I can't import fileinput on the test server
problems = int(raw_input())
results = []
for problem in xrange(0, problems):
problem_info = map(int, raw_input().split())
votes = []
for problem_line in xrange(0, problem_info[2]):
print "\n".join(map(str, results))