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Speed cube: animated visual algorithms
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Speed cube: animated visual algorithms

Ever since I started speedcubing I've always wanted a reference of algorithms with a play button to visualize how the alg moves the pieces. I couldn't find anything comprehensive, so this was born.

Credits and thanks

This was made possible by:

Development notes

  • HTML files

    • Do not edit HTML files (e.g., index.html, f2l/index.html, etc.)
    • Pages and partials are stored in src/templates/
    • Alg templates and pages are rendered via src/
    • See the helper script
  • src/algs/...

    • This is where the algorithms are stored
    • Each file is parsed to render src/templates/algs/...
    • Each file must end with one newline
    • Each case is separated by a new line
    • Multiple algs are supported per case
    • Each case may include a "name" and/or "config"
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