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Wrong date in link to my slides.

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['Knight and Al-Onaizan, <a href="">Translation with Finite-State Devices</a>',
'* Kumar et al., <a href=""> A weighted finite state transducer translation template model for statistical machine translation</a>'
- ['Syntax-based Translation <br/> <a href="slides/JHU_MT_lecture_2012-03-14.pdf">[pdf]</a> <a href="slides/JHU_MT_lecture_2012-03-14.key">[keynote]</a>',
+ ['Syntax-based Translation <br/> <a href="slides/JHU_MT_lecture_2012-03-13.pdf">[pdf]</a> <a href="slides/JHU_MT_lecture_2012-03-13.key">[keynote]</a>',
['Collins et al., <a href="">Clause Restructuring for Statistical Machine Translation</a>',
'Chiang, <a href="">An Introduction to Synchronous Grammars</a>',

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