A restful web service written in python in order to monitor CPU usage of multiple clients
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A restful web service written in python in order to monitor CPU usage of multiple clients.

The project consists of a restful service written in python using flask to generate a rest api to list the cpu usage of multiple devices been tracked.

It also has the code of the cpuAgent which when runned it registers to the service and sends heartbeats with the cpu usage of the system. To send http requests, we make use of the requests library

Also a simple rest client is included which uses jQuery javaScript, twitter bootstrap framework and knockout in order to generate the views of the page and generate the ajax HTTP requests to fetch the information from the service.

To run the system, first you need to configure the project first you need to generate a virtual environment for python to run.

To do this on linux run for the monitor Service:

-python virtualenv.py flask -flask/bin/pip install flask -flask/bin/pip install flask-restful -flask/bin/pip install flask-httpauth

To launch service:

-flask/bin/python MonitorService.py

For the agent do similar:

-python virtualenv.py flask -flask/bin/pip install requests

To run the agent:

-flask/bin/python monitorAgent/cpuAgent.py [name-of-device]

Once the service is running, you can access the website on:


NOTE: A simple login and authentication mechanism is available, it is disabled to simplify access If you reenable the authentication in the service, uncomment the segments of code refering to auth in both service and agent. Uncomment the corresponding parts for the client in static/index.html

Credentials are user: admin, pass: admin