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I've had several apps where I needed a custom AutoCompleteTextView that was backed by a database. It always seemed like more work than it should have been. I finally condensed my code and made an Android library project out of it.

There is not too much code to look through if you are interested. However as a quick overview, here's how you might use it in the onCreate method of your main activity:

String dbName = "my.db";
/* Grab handle to your AutoCompleteTextView. */
mAutoCompleteTextView = (AutoCompleteTextView) findViewById(;
/* Create a new listener, pass in context, AutoCompleteTextView, and a database name. */
mAutoCompleteListener = new AutoCompleteListener(this, mAutoCompleteTextView, dbName);

/* Make some customizations as necessary. */

Then, bing bang boom, Bob's your uncle and you're done.

Of course, this assumes you have the database stored in the right spot and that you've set the column/table names appropriately. As a little more help in illustration, the example app included in the repo has a utility to asynchronously grab a remote sqlite database and store it on the device.

This is my first public github repo, so please let me know if anything more would be helpful.

I've discussed this a little more in a blog post here:

How to use

Just import this repo as an Android project in your Eclipse environment. Then set up your own Android project to point to it. For more info: