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Specify cursor properties as t instead of 1. Fixes
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1 parent 917bcb3 commit cbf9224d3fd18e0b8cb20e4e8102d687dce13cc0 @alpaker committed Jan 26, 2013
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  1. +3 −3 fill-column-indicator.el
6 fill-column-indicator.el
@@ -507,7 +507,7 @@ on troubleshooting.)"
;; relevant buffer position.
(defun fci-rule-display (blank rule-img rule-str for-pre-string)
"Generate a display specification for a fill-column rule overlay string."
- (let* ((cursor-prop (if (and (not for-pre-string) (not fci-newline)) 1))
+ (let* ((cursor-prop (if (and (not for-pre-string) (not fci-newline)) t))
(propertized-rule-str (propertize rule-str 'cursor cursor-prop))
(display-prop (if rule-img
`((when (not (or (display-images-p)
@@ -692,8 +692,8 @@ rough heuristic.)"
(eol-str (char-to-string fci-eol-char))
(end-cap (propertize blank-str 'display '(space :width 0)))
(pre-or-post-eol (propertize eol-str
- 'cursor 1
- 'display (propertize eol-str 'cursor 1)))
+ 'cursor t
+ 'display (propertize eol-str 'cursor t)))
(pre-padding (propertize blank-str 'display fci-padding-display))
(pre-rule (fci-rule-display blank-str img str t))
(at-rule (fci-rule-display blank-str img str fci-newline))

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