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An Emacs mode that allows buffers to retain persistent and distinct values of point in different windows.
Emacs Lisp
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NOTE: This package is obsolete as of v24. Use the built-in option switch-to-buffer-preserve-window-point instead.

Emacs conveniently allows one to work on different parts of the same buffer at the same time, but the rules governing buffer display are, for some people's editing habits, less than ideal. Suppose for example that one is editing two parts of buffer buf in windows win-1 and win-2, switches briefly to another buffer in win-2, then returns to editing buf in win-2. This latter window will now display the same part of buf as win-1, rather than the portion that one was just recently editing in it. The package per-window-point creates persistent values of window-point and window-start, so that in cases like that just described win-2 will return to its previous position in buf.

In some cases, as when another Lisp program wants to move point in a buffer and then display that buffer in a window, it makes sense for Per-Window-Point not to position point in that window. (For example, when looking up a function definition via describe-function, point is moved to the function definition before the library that defines the function is displayed; we then don't want to move point away from the definition when the library is displayed.) The package is reasonably intelligent in identifying situations in which it should defer to other Lisp programs. It also provides several hooks so that the user can define other types of exception.

Installation and Usage

To install, place the package file in your load path and put (require 'per-window-point) in your .emacs. To toggle Per-Window-Point on and off, use the command pwp-mode.

Three variables provide control over whether pwp-mode should reposition a buffer that has been displayed before in a window:

  1. pwp-no-reposition-names: If a buffer name is an element of this list, then Per-Window-Point will not position it. The default value is nil.
  2. pwp-no-reposition-regexps: If a buffer name matches one of the regular expressions in this list, Per-Window-Point will not position it. The default value is ("^\\*.+\\*$").
  3. pwp-reposition-tests: A list of functions. When a buffer is displayed in a window, Per-Window-Point calls each function in this list with two arguments, the buffer and the window in question. If any function returns nil, Per-Window-Point does not reposition. The default value is nil.

A Note on v24

The buffer display routines were substantially rewritten for v24, and this package hasn't been fully tested with with that version.

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