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This repository contains Hazelcast Cache Integration for Micronaut.
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Table of Contents

Hazelcast Cache Integration for Micronaut

This repository contains Hazelcast Cache Integration for Micronaut. Similar to Spring and Grails, Micronaut provides a set of caching annotations. This integration contains an implementation of SyncCache interface to provide caching features with Hazelcast.

Requirements and Installation

  • Maven

To install, clone the repository and run the following script in the root directory:

mvn clean install -DskipTests=true

Caching with Hazelcast in Micronaut

If you wish to use Hazelcast to cache results then you need to have the hazelcast-micronaut-cache dependency on your classpath.

Configuration with Maven:


Then within your Micronaut application configuration, configure the Hazelcast cache as follows:

    client: false
    xmlConfigPath: /path/to/hazelcast.xml
            enabled: true

Configuration properties

  • hazelcast.client: (default: false) Set true for using Hazelcast Java client
  • hazelcast.xmlConfigPath: The path of XML configuration file of HazelcastInstance. If you leave it empty, the XML configuration file in the classpath is used.
  • hazelcast.caches.YOUR_CACHE_NAME.enabled: Set true to use the cache you configured. Replace the YOUR_CACHE_NAME with the cache name you would like to use.
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