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S.A.S.S.A.F.R.A.S. : a simple automatic scholar sorter appropriate for researchers and scientists
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A simple automatic scholar sorter appropriate for researchers and scientists (credit for the awesome acronym goes to Thomas Varley)

This is a small script that looks for unread Google Scholar Alerts emails in your Gmail account and saves each paper in a Google Spreadsheet as:

Title/ Authors - Journal/ Google Scholar link/ GoogleScholar Alert Date/ number of Alerts that contained the paper
notice: an older version had a search query column now substituted with the email time-stamp. Gmail alerts Google sheet

How to run it:

  1. Open a new Google Sheet
  2. Go to Tools > Script Editor
  3. Copy paste the .gs file
  4. Change the SEARCH_QUERY variable so that it can detect your unread Google Scholar Alerts (the script will automatically mark them as read after saving them)
  5. Run the save_email function

The possibilities are endless

I personally have an extra column with a Data Validation drop down menu so i can mark the papers as i go through them. One can write a script that sends emails with the list of papers marked in a specific way, or the script can run automatically every monday, or the day after your journal club to get new ideas!

Take a look at the available functions for GoogleSheets and Gmail to customize your own script.

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