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cla is a small javascript image processing library for applying an automatic color level adjustment to an image at the client side . cla may improve the tonal quality of the image ( especially photos with low color range )

Library contains a single function named adjustColorLevel in a single javascript file . Library is also available as a typescript file .

adjustColorLevel function takes 2 parameters

  • first parameter is an HTMLImageElement
  • second parameter is the callback function that is called after raw image is downloaded & processed . Callback arguments are
    • processedImage as an HTMLImageElement
    • modificationRate as a number .

sample usage

var rawImage = new Image();
rawImage.src = 'sample.jpg';

// you can also select your <img> tag and assign to rawImage , example :
// rawImage = document.getElementById('your-image-id');

adjustColorLevel(rawImage , imageProcessHandler);
function imageProcessHandler(processedImage , modificationRate)

modificationRate is a number ranging between 0-100 which shows the amount of modification that the image processing has done . Having the modificationRate equals to 0 means that , raw image already has a high color range and processing did not change anything .

Image source of the processedImage is encoded as base64 string .



Security Restrictions

This library uses HTML5 Canvas API . In order to read data from canvas , drawn images must be in the same domain with the html file or image must have a CORS header .