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Mostly technical personal notes
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ayazar's Notes

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Welcome to source code repository of my personal notes.

I am an electronics engineer interested in computers. So expect that kind of content.

My main purpose is to collect my notes in one place. I prefer to share them publicly because I believe that this will lead creation of more up-to-date and more correct resource. Therefore, I would like to hear your feedback, your comments and corrections.

Reading Notes

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Notes are compiled automatically and hosted by

File Organization

Source code of the notes is under docs directory. Root directory holds some auxiliary files like this file.

Compiling Notes

In order to compile notes on your machine, first install Sphinx. Refer to document of Sphinx if you need help. Then cd to docs directory and run the following commands.

Windows Users


make.bat html


.\make.bat html

Linux Users


make html

Above commands will generate docs/_build/html/index.html file. This is the front page of the notes. Open it with your favorite browser.

If you need to compile for PDF or different output format, please check Sphinx documentation.


PRs Welcome

I will be happy if you help me to make these notes better. If you are not familiar with reStructuredText, compiling a Sphinx project git pull requests or Github then you can create New issue on Issues page to talk about your contribution, corrections, fixes, etc.

If you can modify the source files and create pull request, then please read page.


GitHub License


This project is licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0 if otherwise stated. Check LICENSE for further information.

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