Traffic dashboard for monitoring New Zealand roads
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A dashboard for New Zealand traffic cameras and congestion information.

An Electron application, so it should run on any platform. However this has been developed solely on Linux, so no guarantees.

In development.

Running for development

You will need to create a file at the project root, called .env. This needs to contain a series of variables. First cp .env.template .env and then fill in the variables as follows:

Key Meaning Default
MAPBOX_TOKEN Mapbox API key (used for vector tile requests, and for vector tile query requests; free tier OK)
INFOCONNECT_USER NZTA InfoConnect API username (used to get camera and signs data; free)
INFOCONNECT_PW NZTA InfoConnect API password (used to get camera and signs data; free)
GOOGLE_APIKEY Google API key (for geolocation, only used once on load; free tier OK)
OPENWEATHERMAP_APIKEY OpenWeatherMap API key (used to get weather data, and surise/sunset times for each camera; free tier OK)
MIN_REFRESH Cameras are refreshed every MIN_REFRSH milliseconds at a minimum. 10000
MAX_REFRESH Cameras are refreshed every MAX_REFRESH milliseconds at a maximum. 25000
MIN_TRAFFIC_REFRESH Congestion data are refreshed every MIN_TRAFFIC_REFRESH milliseconds at a minimum. This data does not change rapidly, so don't set this very low or you will simply exceed your Mapbox API request limit. 150000
MAX_TRAFFIC_REFRESH Congestion data are refreshed every MAX_TRAFFIC_REFRESH milliseconds at a maximum. 300000

npm i && npm run dev

This will run with a persistent local camera cache. (So it will eventually fill your system.) A temporary and/or remote cache is a useful feature, it just doesn't exist as an option yet.

Thanks to

Terms of the InfoConnect API:

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