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Taiwan Hiking Maps
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Taiwan TOPO Taiwan Hiking/Geocaching Maps


$ make SUITE=taiwan_bw gmapsupp   ### make a Garmin handheld map

$ make SUITE=taiwan mapsforge   ### make a mapsforge map

$ make SUITE=bbox REGION=陽明山 \  ### make a small mapsforge map 
    TOP=25.24917 BOTTOM=25.11332 \
    LEFT=121.48012 RIGHT=121.63218 \ 

SUITE list

  • Garmin GMAP Maps
    • taiwan_bw: Taiwan region, bw style
    • taiwan_odc: Taiwan region, odc style
    • bbox_bw: Bonding Box, bw style (TOP/BOTTOM/LEFT/RIGHT)
    • bbox_odc: Bonding Box, odc style (TOP/BOTTOM/LEFT/RIGHT)
  • Mapsforge Maps
    • taiwan: Taiwan
    • bbox: Bonding Box with coords (TOP/BOTTOM/LEFT/RIGHT)

target list

  • all
    • for Garmin GMAP, it is gmap, gmapsupp, nsis
    • for Mapsforge, it is mapsforge, mapsforge_style
  • distclean
    • clean every thing, include downloaded maps
  • clean
    • clean compilation stuff
  • install
    • develping use, copy GMAP .img file to $INSTALL_DIR
  • drop
    • daily build use, copy all targets to $INSTALL_DIR
  • gmap
    • macOS installer
  • gmapsupp
    • Garmin handheld gmapsupp.img
  • nsis
    • Windows installer
  • mapsforge
    • Mapsforge map
  • mapsforge_style
    • Mapsforge style
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