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SWIM-Shell Wordpress Installer & Modifier. Installs wordpress, incluiding Chmodding directories, creating a upload folder, .htaccess, simply by running this script and selecting the location. Now has the option to update a wordpress install, preserving wp-content and wp-config.php but updating everything else.
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@Program - SWIM-Shell Wordpress Installer & Modifier
@Author - Michael Fitzpatrick Ruth
@Email -
@Homepage -
@Description - A linux shell script designed to make Installing and updating wordpress extremely easy for those unable to use use the built in wordpress update functions. 
@instructions -
First thing first, chmod+x
# it will run with or without root, but without root, it will warn you
Run ./ 
If you are not root, it will prompt you to answer a yes or no question about continuing without root. Users Logged in as root will not see this. 
BUG#1 Sudo users will be shown the prompt. In an ideal world they should not be. 

If no, the program will quit. You should then use sudo or root to run the script. Only select no if you're working in a direct that requires root, should you select no. 
If you select yes, it should then prompt you to select Install[1] or update[2]. 

[1] For Install
[2] For update

All following steps will be labeled as such. 

No matter which you select, it will go to your home directory, create a tempoary directory, and download the latest wordpress. The directory and file will be cleaned up at the end. 

You will than be prompted, very sarcastically, to select the directory. 
Make sure to type the ENTIRE directory, all the way from the root. If the server folder is located at 
Than type that whole thing.
BUG#2 ~ and other shorthands do not work. 

[1] Will then install WP and create a wp-content/uploads with 777 permissions.
It will also create .htaccess will 600 permissions in the root WP directory. 
For now that ends the script. It will this display the directory it has been installed to for your records. 

Once the directory is entered, it will backup the existing WP install to the folder above the WP install, with the name, wordpress_backup_2011_08_16 (or similar style). 
It will not update themes, even the default. Or plugins. 
It will however backup your WP-config.php, and copy it back to the newly updated Wordpress directory.
BUG#3 the backup directory should be named the same as the install, with the extra info added. 
It will then show a message showing the backup directory, and reminding you to update plugins and themes. 

Any questions or comments, hit up the author.
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