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* Apr 17 2008 *
* amazon_s3.yml is now passed through ERB before being passed to AWS::S3 [François Beausoleil]
* Mar 22 2008 *
* Some tweaks to support Rails 2.0 and Rails 2.1 due to ActiveSupport::Callback changes.
Thanks to
* Feb. 26, 2008 *
* remove breakpoint from test_helper, makes test suite crazy (at least Rails 2+) [Rob Sanheim]
* make S3 test really optional [Rob Sanheim]
* Nov 27, 2007 *
* Handle properly ImageScience thumbnails resized from a gif file [Matt Aimonetti]
* Save thumbnails file size properly when using ImageScience [Matt Aimonetti]
* fixed s3 config file loading with latest versions of Rails [Matt Aimonetti]
* April 2, 2007 *
* don't copy the #full_filename to the default #temp_paths array if it doesn't exist
* add default ID partitioning for attachments
* add #binmode call to Tempfile (note: ruby should be doing this!) [Eric Beland]
* Check for current type of :thumbnails option.
* allow customization of the S3 configuration file path with the :s3_config_path option.
* Don't try to remove thumbnails if there aren't any. Closes #3 [ben stiglitz]
* BC * (before changelog)
* add default #temp_paths entry [mattly]
* add MiniMagick support to attachment_fu [Isacc]
* update #destroy_file to clear out any empty directories too [carlivar]
* fix references to S3Backend module [Hunter Hillegas]
* make #current_data public with db_file and s3 backends [ebryn]
* oops, actually svn add the files for s3 backend. [Jeffrey Hardy]
* experimental s3 support, egad, no tests.... [Jeffrey Hardy]
* doh, fix a few bad references to ActsAsAttachment [sixty4bit]