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Installing Python

Your First Python Program

mention why from module import * is only allowed at module level

Native Datatypes


List comprehensions

Set comprehensions

Dictionary comprehensions


Regular Expressions

Closures & Generators

Classes & Iterators

2nd draft Advanced Iterators

2nd draft Unit Testing

2nd draft Refactoring

1st draft Files

Reading from text files

Opening a file (to read)

Character encoding

File objects

Closing a file

Checking if a file is closed

“with open(…) as file” pattern

Reading data from a file one line at a time


Writing to text files

Opening a file (to write)

Character encoding again

write(), writelines(), .writeable

Handling I/O errors

Binary files

File-like objects

Standard Input, Output, and Error

Further reading

2nd draft XML

1st draft Serializing Python Objects

2nd draft HTTP Web Services

1st draft Threading & Multiprocessing

1st draft Packaging Python libraries

2nd draft Case Study: Porting chardet to Python 3

Where to go from here

2nd draft Porting Code to Python 3 with 2to3

2nd draft Special Method Names

Bits to add somewhere

section on tuples

section on dictionary views

several dictionary methods return them they’re dynamic they update when the dictionary changes


@unittest.skipUnless(sys.platform.startswith(“win”), “requires Windows”)


generate HTML

generate PDF

all <pre> blocks without numbers should be marked class=nd