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Find_by_param helps you dealing with permalinks and finding objects by our permalink value
class Post < ActiveRecord:Base
make_permalink :with => :title
now you can do Post.find_by_param(...)
If you have a permalink-column find_by_param saves the permalink there and uses that otherwise it just uses the provided attribute.
Post.create(:title => "hey ho let's go!").to_param #=> "hey-ho-lets-go" (to_param is the method Rails calls to create the URL values)
Post.find_by_param("hey-ho-lets-go") #=> <Post>
Post.find_by_param("is-not-there") #=> nil
Post.find_by_param!("is-not-there") #=> raises ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
make_permalink :with => :login
make_permalink :with => :title, :prepend_id=>true
options for make_permalink:
:with: (required) The attribute that should be used as permalink
:field: The name of your permalink column. make_permalink first checks if there is a column.
:prepend_id: [true|false] Do you want to prepend the ID to the permalink? for URLs like: posts/123-my-post-title - find_by_param uses the ID column to search.
:escape: [true|false] Do you want to escape the permalink value? (strip chars like öä?&?) - actually you must do that
* Alex Sharp ( pointed to an issue with STI. Better call make_permalink in every child class and not only in the parent class..
* write nice docs
* write nicer tests
Copyright (c) 2007 [Michael Bumann -], released under the MIT license