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~ building potion ~
$ make
To build with debugging symbols,
$ make DEBUG=1
To build with the JIT off,
$ make JIT=0
Lastly, to verify your build,
$ make test
~ the latest potion ~
To build the bleeding edge, you will need
make, binutils and gcc.
$ git clone git://
$ cd potion
$ make
~ installing ~
Since Potion is only a single binary right now
and there's no additional libs, I haven't written
an installation step yet.
~ building on windows ~
Potion's win32 binaries are built using MinGW.
It's a bit hard to setup mingw and make on Windows.
I usually run a shell under Cygwin and add MinGW
to my $PATH.
Once that's all done,
$ make
The easiest way to do this, actually, is on Linux.
On Ubuntu, if you have MinGW installed,
$ make CC=i586-mingw32msvc-gcc
You may then rename `potion` to `potion.exe` and
donate that binary to the needy.