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Merge in rails-2.2.2 branch, modify to make sure Prawn isn't trampled and
2.3.0 is supported.
Simplify tagging of templates for later processing (+ ensure it works
with compiled templates).
Fix issue with Echoe being ultra-sensitive on RubyGems versions (v2.0.4
was RubyGems 1.2 only, and 1.3 just came out)
Support for TeX escaping (via l()) calling to_s on the argument.
This should handle nils.
Rails 2.0 compat:
Fix issue with init.rb not requiring rails/init.rb
v1.99.0 2008-04-20
Released RTeX v1.99.0 as a Rubygem, with a standalone executable for PDF generation
and support for plugin installation from the executable.
This release requires Rails >= 2.0.1
Thanks to:
* Jonas Bähr for a patch with additional LaTeX escaping
* Fouad Mardini for a TemplateHandler patch
Added quite a few *long* overdue fixes & enhancements sent in by various people.
* Added latex escaping 'l' method (Thanks, Benjamin Quorning)
* Added support for @options_for_rtex hash for configuration:
* Added :tempdir option, and changed default temporary directory
(Thanks, Francesco Levorato)
* Added :preprocess option to support running through latex before pdflatex
(Thanks Charles Lesburg, Benjamin Quorning)
* Moved old @filename setting to :filename option in this hash
If you're using the same settings for @options_for_rtex often, you might want to
put your assignment in a before_filter (perhaps overriding :filename, etc in your actions).