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A Karaoke application made in Virtual Reality.

You can visit the application here

If you are using the application from your phone, the phone's gyroscope will control the camera.

If you are using a computer, you would have to drag the mouse pointer around to control the camera.


  • This application is multiplayer so you can enjoy the Karaoke experience with your friends.

  • Users in a room can hear each other sing in real-time.

  • The music player is synchronised across all users in a room. (If one user pauses the music, it gets paused for everyone in that room)

  • Users can see each other's avatars for a real-life karaoke experience.

  • The room also has the feature of 3D surround sound. ( The volume increases/decreases proportionately with respect to the distance from the speakers)


$ git clone
$ cd Synchron
$ npm install
$ node server.js

A brief guide to get started

There are four buttons in a panel at the end of the V-Room. Hovering over them with the a-frame pointer would execute the given action.

  • Play -> Will start playing the song in the queue
  • Pause -> Will pause/resume the song
  • Next -> Will play the next song in the queue
  • Playlist -> Shows the playlist for adding songs to the queue


  • You would need to add songs to the queue before playing them.
  • Executing the above actions would reflect on all users in the same room.

Tech Stack

  • Node.js as the backend language

  • Express.js for routing

  • Peer.js for establishing peer-to-peer connections

  • for synchronising the music player across all users in a room

  • A-Frame for building the Virtual Reality environment