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Enterprise Finance Guarantee
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Merge pull request #281 from alphagov/security-fixes

 Upgrade Rails and JQuery to fix security vulnerability
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@benpickles benpickles authored
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bin Run rake rails:update
config Show whether the loan_realisations on loan details are post/pre
db Sub-lender must be data corrected to blank if a lender has no sub-len…
lib Update EmailValidator to support new version of Mail gem.
log Generate a Rails v3.2.3 application.
public New PDF help documents
script Generate a Rails v3.2.3 application.
spec Split into pre- and post-claim limit checkboxes.
.gitignore Ignore spec report output
.ruby-version Revert "Revert "Use ruby 2.1.4 – our current preferred version""
.travis.yml Set ENV variables beforehand in one place. Remove Bootstrap reference
GLOSSARY.MD Begin defining a Ubiquitous Language
Gemfile Upgrade jquery-rails to 3.1.3
Gemfile.lock Upgrade jquery-rails to 3.1.3
Guardfile Getting into a loop running spec with Guard is really annoying.
LICENSE.txt Correct copyright notice
Procfile Changes for demo environment. This is how to run the tests in parallel nowadays.
Rakefile Fix assets:precompile Generate a Rails v3.2.3 application. Don’t install development gems in CI Use unicorn instead of puma


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Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Getting started

You will need MySQL and an app-specific MySQL user - see config/database.yml for details.

bundle install
rake db:create
rake db:reset

To run the tests in parallel across multiple cores create the correct number of databases for your machine and run rake as usual:

rake parallel:create
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