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This captures the Ubiquitous Language for the service. By its very nature, some of the terms are defined in the legislation, but it is useful to have a common language when talking with the domain experts.

CfE (Capital for Enterprise)

The government organisation which is the centre of knowledge and expertise in SME finance interventions, responsible for administering the EFG scheme. See

EFG (Enterprise Finance Guarantee)

A UK government-guaranteed lending scheme intended to help small businesses who may be struggling to secure finance, by facilitating bank loans of between £1,000 and £1,000,000. The scheme went live on 14th January 2009.

Premium Schedule

The government changes 2% for guaranteeing the loan. This needs to be paid by the borrower on an agreed schedule, with an initial one-off payment and then regular payments every quarter after that.

SFLG (Small Firms Loan Guarantee)

The precursor of the EFG scheme, which ran from 1981 to January 2009.

State Aid

The government is only permitted to provide £X financial support for a company in a given time frame. Guaranteeing a loan is the not the same as granting the loan; there is a formula to convert the guarantee into a specific amount of Euros for State Aid purposes.

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