Accessibility training

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Accessibility basics for everyone

Creating accessible content to publish

Designing accessible services and interfaces

Writing accessible frontend code

Ideas for developer modules/workshops

  • Using progressive enhancement to get lots of accessibility for free
  • Understanding accessibility mechanics - accessibility tree, Accessible name, role and state, keyboard interaction
  • Keyboard interaction
  • Focus management
  • Intro to WAI-ARIA
  • WAI-ARIA misuse
  • Picking an automated accessibility testing tools
  • How to test for accessibility
  • How to use a screen reader
  • How to use a speech recognition software (Dragon)
  • How to use screen magnification software (ZoomText)
  • How to verify if you have an AT support issues (isolate problem in a test case, test it with a combination of AT and browsers, ask the community to discuss/validate).
  • How to report issues - browsers and ATs
  • Forms
  • Tables

Leonie's suggestions

  • Accessibility mechanics (DOM, acc tree, platform acc APIs etc.).
  • Native HTML (semantics, keyboard focus/interaction etc.).
  • CSS (before/after, Flexbox, keyboard disconnect etc.).
  • Keyboard intercept chain (virtual buffers, keyboard chain in Win/Mac etc.).
  • Polyfilling accessibility (divs/spans, ARIA, JavaScript etc.).
  • Common design patterns on (example design patterns walkthrough/problem solving/code fixing etc.).

Including people with access needs in user research

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