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Backdrop collector for the Transactions Explorer Google Spreadsheet
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Transactions Explorer collector for Backdrop

This Python application takes Transactions Explorer data from a Google Spreadsheet and puts it into the Performance Platform data store, Backdrop.

NOTE - Before running it be sure to add new quarters and seasonally adjusted fields to the application - see commit by way of example and discuss which dates should be added with the Performance Platform On-boarding team.

Developer setup

  1. Get yourself a virtualenv (optional)
  2. pip install --allow-external argparse -r requirements_for_tests.txt

If you are using Mac OSX 10.x.x and encounter an error around the including of ffi.h during the build, try running xcode-select --install in your terminal.

Running tests


Run the thing

From here on "The Spreadsheet" refers to the transaction volume data maintained by "Registers" at the time of writing.

  1. Ensure you're in a virtualenv context.
  2. Download the TX_Data (so named at time of writing) sheet from The Spreadsheet as a csv as tools/data/services.csv.
  3. Execute ./ <backdrop_write_fqdn> <backrop_write_token>.
  4. Commit the resulting files (tools/data/services.csv and tools/data/transaction-volumes.csv) into Spotlight (assets/data) and re-release Spotlight.

The <backdrop_write_fqdn> is the fully qualified domain name of the backdrop write api (e.g. for staging). The <backdrop_write_token> is the bearer token as specified in the stagecraft management screens:

Stagecraft -> Data sets -> transactional_services_summaries -> Bearer token.

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