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This repository

Storing and querying data for the Performance Platform

tag: release_33

A minimal repo for spiking out getting hold of some licencing performance data.

  1. sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Get client secrets from your Google API Console by creating a new project, turning on Analytics API, going to "API access" and creating an OAuth client ID (name is irrelevant, application type is "Installed application") and click "Download JSON".
  3. Put the obtained client_secrets.json into the collectors folder.
  4. Check you can fetch the sample data with python This should output JSON.
  5. Put the sample data into mongo with sh

Would you like a crontab to collect data each month? ./

The APIs

Getting set up

This assumes you are using the GDS dev environment and so have python and mongo installed.

  1. Check that you have virtualenv installed, if not sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv.
  2. Navigate to the performance-platform directory and run ./ This will create a new virtualenv, install all dependencies and run the tests.
  3. source venv/bin/activate to enable the virtualenv.
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