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Faceted search application for finding business support and finance options
Ruby CSS HTML JavaScript Shell
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Add meta description tag to start page
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app Add meta description tag to start page
config Add fix for CVE-2015-3226
db Start new rails 3.2.3 project
lib Update the title registered with panopticon
log Start new rails 3.2.3 project
public Restore favicon to prevent errors in development
script Revert to blank Rails 3.2.8 app.
spec Add meta description tag to start page
vendor Start new rails 3.2.3 project
.gitignore Added simplecov
.rspec rails g rspec:install
.ruby-version Upgrade the Ruby version to 2.1.5 as 1.9.3 is deprecated Update link: designprinciples -> design-principles
Gemfile Bump GDS API adapters to 20.1.1
LICENCE Update LICENCE Update ruby version in README
Rakefile Rename project to BusinessSupportFinder Rename project to BusinessSupportFinder Test asset precompilation as part of continuous integration Add branch build script Add a following in the footsteps of our other apps

"Finance and support for your business" application

Frontend faceted search application for finding finance and support options.

Built as a Rails frontend client to a separate API.


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