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import hashlib, random, urlparse, os, functools
from django import template
from django.conf import settings
register = template.Library()
class FileHashCache(object):
def __init__(self):
self.cache = {}
def __call__(self, path, hash_generator):
if path in self.cache:
return self.cache[path]
file_hash = hash_generator(path)
self.cache[path] = file_hash
return file_hash
sha1_cache = FileHashCache()
class AssetUrl(object):
def __init__(self, settings = None):
self.settings = settings
def process_url(self, url):
"""Process url and return a suitable URL for the app's environment"""
if hasattr(self.settings, 'APP_DEPLOYMENT_ENV') and self.settings.APP_DEPLOYMENT_ENV != 'local':
sha1 = self.fetch_sha1(self.file_path_from_url(url), self.generate_sha1)
if sha1 != None:
url = self.compose_path(url, sha1)
return self.compose_url(url)
return url
def file_path_from_url(self, url):
if hasattr(self.settings, 'MEDIA_URL'):
stripped_url = url.lstrip('/')
media_url = '%s/' % self.settings.MEDIA_URL.lstrip('/').rstrip('/')
if stripped_url.find(media_url) == 0:
url = stripped_url[len(media_url) - 1:]
local_path = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(self.settings.MEDIA_ROOT, url.lstrip('/')))
if os.path.exists(local_path):
return local_path
if hasattr(self.settings, 'SHARED_PUBLIC_ROOT'):
shared_path = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(self.settings.SHARED_PUBLIC_ROOT, url.lstrip('/')))
if os.path.exists(shared_path):
return shared_path
return None
def generate_sha1(self, file_path):
"""Generates and return sha1 for the file at file_path"""
# import hashlib
if file_path == None:
return None
hash_func = hashlib.sha1()
with open(file_path) as f:
return hash_func.hexdigest()
def compose_path(self, path, sha1):
"""Stitch path and hash together"""
return path + '/' + sha1[0:8] + os.path.splitext(path)[1]
def compose_url(self, uri_path):
"""Stitch hashed path into a CDN url"""
# import random, os
host = random.choice(self.settings.CDN_HOSTS)
return urlparse.urlunparse(('http', host, uri_path, '', '', ''))
def fetch_sha1(self, path, sha1_generator):
"""Generate, or return cached, SHA1 for the file at path"""
return sha1_cache(path, sha1_generator)
asset_url_processor = AssetUrl(settings)
def asset_url(url):
return asset_url_processor.process_url(url)
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