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#!/bin/bash -x
# install requirements if requirements.txt is newer than the virtualenv (assuming virtualenv has something in)
if [ ! -d "/home/jenkins/virtualenvs/${JOB_NAME}" ] || [ "${WORKSPACE}/requirements.txt" -nt "/home/jenkins/virtualenvs/${JOB_NAME}" ]; then
mkdir -p /home/jenkins/virtualenvs
mkdir -p /home/jenkins/pip-cache
rm -rf "/home/jenkins/virtualenvs/${JOB_NAME}"
virtualenv "/home/jenkins/virtualenvs/${JOB_NAME}"
pip install --download-cache=/home/jenkins/pip-cache -E "/home/jenkins/virtualenvs/${JOB_NAME}" -r "${WORKSPACE}/requirements.txt"
source "/home/jenkins/virtualenvs/${JOB_NAME}/bin/activate"
PYTHONPATH=py nosetests -w test
source '/usr/local/lib/rvm'
export GEM_HOME="/home/jenkins/bundles/${JOB_NAME}"
mkdir -p "${GEM_HOME}"
bundle install && bundle exec rake spec
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