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Character Encoding Cleaner


This script is for fixing illegal encodings in text files. It's designed to clean up corrupt character sequences in UTF-8 files. The most common cause of such corruption is opening a UTF-8 encoded file as though it were ISO-8859-1, and then saving it as UTF-8. This double-encodes the UTF-8 byte sequences.

This script makes no attempt to intelligently reverse such double encoding. Rather it detects and displays sequences of non-ascii characters (0x80-0xFF) in context, and allows the user to enter mappings for each of these in a mappings file.

Any byte sequence which is a known target of a mapping is allowed to remain in the output file.

Required gems

  • gem install colorize


Imagine you have a file with corrupted encodings called badchars.csv. Invoke the script like this:

$ ./clean_encoding.rb badchars.csv fixed.csv

This tells the script to read badchars.csv, apply any known mappings (read from mappings.txt) and output the result to fixed.csv.

If an unknown sequence of non-ascii characters is detected, it will be displayed, highlighted in red, with a bit of context. The mappings.txt file will be updated with the new mapping and 'TODO'.


simply edit the file to indicate the desired replacement:


The mappings.txt file should be UTF-8 encoded, so that the replacements can be displayed and edited correctly.