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The content store

The Content Store is a MongoDB database of almost all published content on GOV.UK.

Reading and writing to the store

Content is retrieved from the content store via the content API, which takes a path and responds with a JSON representation of the content that should be displayed on that path. This API is used by front-end apps but is also exposed externally at /api/content/<path>, such as

Content is written by the publishing API, which is used by back-end publishing apps such as Travel Advice Publisher.

Content schemas

Not all content exists as a standalone page like the /take-pet-abroad example. Some content exists as a collection that references other pieces of content, and some content exists as meta content designed to describe a wider whole. We use govuk-content-schemas to describe all these different content types. The content API itself is not prescriptive about this; it takes any JSON structure.

Detailed technical information can be found in the content store documentation.

Running the application


Running the test suite

bundle exec rake

Example API output

Example API requests and corresponding responses can be found in the content store pact-broker documentation.


MIT License

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