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Repo for tests designed to be run across browsers (ie, firefox, chrome etc.)

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README: Cross browser tests

This repo contains capybara tests designed to be run using different web drivers.


Before you start the tests you need to:

  1. Start Google Analytics stub service
  2. Start GDS applications to be tested.

2. Start Google Analytics stub service

Clone fake google analytics and follow the installation instructions. This should be running on the same machine that the tests are being run on. If you're running the applications within a VM and the tests from the host then this should run in the host.

3. Start GDS applications to be tested.

Make sure you have a recent copy of the databases for publisher and whitehall.

Start frontend, whitehall and their dependencies. Note that if you're testing against local changes to static you will need to set the STATIC_DEV environment variable for whitehall.

STATIC_DEV= bowl frontend whitehall


bundle exec rake spec

To select the browser to use set a BROWSER environment variable. Available options are firefox, chrome, IE.

BROWSER=chrome bundle exec rake spec

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