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Collects visits data for different time intervals from google analytics

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Collect the statics specified by the configuration from google analytics


The first thing that must be done when using this collector is to authorise the application with google. First you will need to generate an authorisation code. This code then needs to be passed to the bin/collector command line script using --authorisation_code=CODE

Message Format

    "collector":"Google Analytics"


This collector is run from the command line with the bin/collector script. This command requires an action which can be either help, print or broadcast. It also requires a --config option which defines which configuration class is used. For example the following command will print messages to the terminal using the WeeklyUniqueVisitors configuration.

$ bundle exec bin/collector --config=WeeklyUniqueVisitors print

Other Options

--days_ago: This option allows you to collect all data since a given time ago. The frequency will depend on the configuration you use.

--authorisation_code: Pass in the code to authorise this project with Google.

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