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A day in the life of GOV.UK
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A Day In The Life

A space for mucking about with ways of visualising a day in the life of GOV.UK.

What's here?

(Others, please add to this section)


A number of visualisations of traffic/visits to GOV.UK

  • map: a "pebbles-in-a-pool" map
  • mosaic: a tiled display of virtual users browsing the site
  • time-machine: a Time Machine-like visualisation of page views


A script to partially anonymize and geocode Akamai server logs. It parses log lines on STDIN (or from passed filenames) and emits CSV, with the following column headings, in order:

Column Description
time Time of request
method HTTP method
uri requested URL (may be GOV.UK or assets host at the moment)
status HTTP response status
bytes response size in bytes
time_taken time taken to serve response (not clear if this is upstream-only)
referer HTTP Referer URL
uid a hash of (client IP, client User-Agent)
city city name for geocoded client IP
latitude latitude of geocoded client IP
longitude longitude of geocoded client IP

To use you'll need to have the pygeoip library installed, and the MaxMind GeoLiteCity database installed in tools/data/.

curl | gunzip > tools/data/GeoLiteCity.dat
pip install pygeoip
python tools/ <input.log >output.csv
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