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title: Document Checking Service pilot
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last_reviewed_on: 2019-11-12
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# Document Checking Service pilot
This technical documentation is for organisations taking part in the [Document Checking Service (DCS) pilot][govuk-link]. The pilot will allow organisations to digitally check the validity of British passports.
Use this documentation to find out:
* [how the DCS works][message-flow]
* what is involved in [integrating with the DCS API][connect]
* how to [structure requests for the DCS API][message-structure]
* [what you can do with the DCS API][api-reference]
We will onboard selected pilot participants during a 'connecting window' starting from the beginning of 2020.
We will be refining the onboarding process as we go, and participants should therefore be aware that the process may change between iterations.
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